1 IMPORTANT a powerful person, organization, group etc is able to control and influence events and other people's actions: The president is the most powerful man in America and probably the world. | a powerful consortium of European companies
2 AFFECTING SB'S FEELINGS/IDEAS having a strong effect on someone's feelings or on the way they think: Jealousy is such a powerful emotion. | a powerful speech | The film uses a powerful blend of images and words. | powerful reasons/arguments (=reasons that make you think that something must be true)
3 MACHINE/WEAPON ETC a powerful machine, engine, weapon etc works very effectively and quickly or with great force: a new generation of more powerful PCs | The Jaguar XJ 12 features a powerful 24 valve engine.
4 MEDICINE a powerful medicine or drug has a very strong effect on your body: The drug is a thousand times more powerful than LSD.
5 PHYSICALLY STRONG physically strong: Jed was a powerful, well-built man. | powerful jaws that can kill in seconds
6 TEAM/ARMY ETC a powerful team, army etc is very strong and can easily defeat other teams or armies: The Allies had assembled a powerful fighting force.
7 LIGHT/SOUND/TASTE/SMELL very strong, bright, loud etc: The alarm emits a powerful high-pitched sound.
8 EXPLOSION/KICK/PUNCH ETC a powerful blow, explosion etc hits someone with a lot of force or has a lot of force: an explosion ten times more powerful than Hiroshima | a powerful header just over the bar
— powerfully adverb: Christie is very powerfully built. —see also: all­powerful

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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